Welcome to the research blog of DS3Lab! We are a research group (Prof. Ce Zhang) at ETH Zurich focusing on learning & data systems. This blog is to introduce latest research results by our amazing team of PhD students and Postdoctoral Researchers.

Our research aims at "commoditizing" machine learning--not only its price, but also its speed, accessiblity, and overhead of user interaction with the ecosystem. We conduct system research of the full stack from the interaction model with domain scientists to new hardware architecture for future machine learning systems.

As part of the Systems Group, the collective dream of DS3Lab is to bridge the gap between non-expert users and cutting edge technology. We believe that it is via this type of democratization that we can scale up the impact of technology and make the world a better place. In general, we are interested in the usability and accessibility of modern data systems. As of today, we are mainly focusing on the usability of modern machine learning platforms -- developing principled techniques to make them faster, more automatic, more friendly to the border ecosytem, and easier to use by non-expert users.

You can find us on Twitter @DS3Lab, and on LinkedIn. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email at ce.zhang@inf.ethz.ch.